We help new teachers thrive from day one.

Personalized, virtual professional development for new teachers

Your first few years teaching don't have to be miserable.

That’s why we’re here to help.

The Mastermind Program Offers Teachers:

Responsive professional development

No more sit-and-get workshops. Masterminds are designed to focus on what you want help with in the moment you need it.

A safe space to ask for help

Masterminds connect teachers cross-building & are confidential, so no need to worry that your questions get back to your admin.

Structured reflection and feedback

Giving you time to process what's happening in your own classroom to identify what to continue and how to pivot

Collaboration with teachers outside your school

What obstacles would you overcome if you could pick the brain of 8 brilliant educators for every challenge you face this year?

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Our 3-Part Program
to Help You Thrive this Year:

Mastermind Group Membership

The heart of the mastermind program.
Mastermind groups are comprised of 4-8 new teachers and a facilitator and meet via Zoom for 90 minutes twice a month. Think of them as your teaching family for the year--teachers going through the same things as you and have your back.
As a member, you'll take turns in the “hot seat” where you share a teaching challenge and receive feedback and resources from the rest of the group. The group provides focused coaching on what you're struggling with, a non-evaluative space to ask questions, and the opportunity to develop your own leadership. We also provide time for reflection, goal-setting, and for learning about new teaching strategies.

1-on-1 Coaching

Monthly, virtual instructional coaching from an experienced teacher outside of your district (read safe space) to dive deep into specific teaching skills.

On-Demand Webinars

Access to 200+ online professional development courses and webinars to learn from veteran teachers all over the country about skills you're focusing on right now.

2020-2021 Program Details

What's included:

Full Year Cost:


How to get started:

Step 1: Click the enroll button below and fill out the form.

If your principal is enrolling you, they do this step for you.

Step 2: Schedule a short interview with us.

We'll ask you questions to get a feel for what type of mastermind group would be best for you.

Step 3: We'll get you started immediately.

We'll grant access to workshops immediately and find you a group that works best for your interests.

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Most frequently asked questions and answers

Ideally, 0-3 years of teaching experience works best for these groups to make sure everyone benefits. However, teachers making a large grade or content switch can also benefit. 

Deadline to enroll teachers in the 2020-2021 program is July 1, 2020. Email us if you’d like to join later than this to check for spots: info@newteachermasterminds.com

Groups meet year-round for an 1.5 hours every other week between the hours of 4pm-9pm ET. Once enrolled, we work with your teachers to fit them into a group that works for their schedule, and then meet at the same day/time for every meeting.

At a minimum, teachers must be willing to commit to attending all mastermind meetings – which total 3 hours a month, at the same time every other week.

The success of the group depends on the attendance and participation of its members, so attendance is mandatory for all months of enrollment. 

For maximum benefit from the group, teachers should expect to spend 1-2 additional hours a week either on working toward their goals stated in the group, an included workshop, or one-on-one coaching. 

The success of the groups depends on the commitment by all the members, therefore it is imperative that all members join voluntarily. Therefore, I recommend offering the opportunity to teachers you think make a good fit (see guidelines below), and enrolling only those that volunteer to join.

The most productive mastermind members are teachers who:

  • 1. Have 0-3 years of teaching experience
  • 2. Can commit to 1.5 hour meetings every other week
  • 3. Are able to work on their teaching goals or sharpening their skills around 1 hour/week outside of the mastermind
  • 4. Are willing to both offer and receive help from other teachers


All grade levels and content areas are welcome.

Not at this time.

We use Zoom as our meeting platform, which is a web-based application. Teachers can access Zoom on any type of computer or tablet as well as their phone, as long as they have a webcam and microphone.

Absolutely. Click the link to enroll and follow the instructions. 

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